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Dasco Engineering Indutries Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 1986 with the aim of establishing a businees outfit in Nigeria that specializes in the sale of high quality wire products.

We are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of high quality of wire products majorly to serve the expanding rise in need of construction, security, commercial sites, public and private institutions, Agriculture and many mothers, not mentioned.

Dasco Engineering Industries Nigeria Limited is basically aimed at improving and providing customers with high quality , affordable, low cost and effective products and services.

The factory is well equippes with automated plants and equipment producing high quality products with durable materilads.

The company has earned itself a good reputation within the country due to its unique producats (based on customer requirement) and network of distributors across the country.

In Dasco Engineering Industries Nigeria Limited, GUARANTEE IS ASURED.



Barbed wire has been the wire of choice for farmers and ranchers because it is extremely economical and can easily be installed on any surface.

Our wire products are typically used for cattle and bison, but it is adaptable for a number of security fence system needs.

Ensured acccording to latest industrial standards and norms, we offer excellent barbed wire in Nigeria that is usually renowned due to its exclusive features like durability, easy to handle and robust construction.

Technical Note:
  • 100 mtrs (2.1mm)
  • 200 mtrs (2.1mm)
  • Special specification available on request
  • MATERIAL: hot-dip galvanized wire with twist woven technology.



Razor wire is used as security fence wire and isolation for gardens, residences, prisons, road fencing, government agencies, military sites and very effective in keeping intruders away. Its materials are hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and wire. So, it has good corrosion resiatance. Blade types of razor blade wire offered by us are from BT-10 to Bt-65.

Razor fence wire is mainly composed of very sharp points or edges and arranged at intervals along the strands. It has a unique design of sharp blades and incomparable safety performance, cost effectiveness and practical applicability, easy installation and long service life.

  • 440MM x 54 spirals (clipped)
  • 500MM x 54 spirals (clipped)
  • 980MM x 60 spirals (unclipped)
Special specification available on request.



We manufacture BRC black wire mesh for the construction industry. We manufacture all sizes as per requirement.


We offer high quality fences in custom sized fabric to suit the requirements and framework of your fencing project. Being a quality chain link fencing manufacturer and professional chain link company, we strive to meet the expectations of our customers. Our products are manufactured with industrial quality raw material approved and tested for low maintenance and longer service life. This can be used in place blockage to demarcate land,space or a security fence to prevent an intruder.

Our company aims to deliver quality products based on three benchmarks which are quality, durability and best pricing. We deliver the most economiical and cost-effective chain link fencing to value your investment in long run.

Our company offers both custom and standard chain link fences in various grades, gauges and finishes. It is mainly used as wire fencing for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence or breeding of animals.

Technical Note:
  • Wire: 2.1mm / 2.3mm
  • Length: 18mtr
  • Height: 8ft/6ft
  • Aperture: 50mm x 50mm
  • A special specification (sizes and length) available on request.
  • Material: high quality, low carbon hot-dip galvanized wired or PVC coated wire.
  • Link and wire weaving.

Chain Link Fence
PVC Coated Chain Link
PVC Chain link


Wire mesh fencing panels made of galvanized wire and coated with a pwder coating. These wire mesh panels are an optically attractive and cost-efficient alternative to conventional double rod mesh panels.

Rigidity: Heavy welded security mesh panels with rectangular meshes and horizontal reinforcement ribs guarantee strength and rigidity

Complete System: The system consists of high-quality panels available in various heights, secured to high-strength steel square posts.

Long Service life: exclusive super-durable powder coating, assures a long service life for this fence system. This coating is applied over galvanization to ensure total protection of panels.

Fast Installation: All components and accessories have been developed to provide a professional product of high quality that can be installed efficiently and rapidly suitable for any topograph.

Techical Note:
    • Aperture: 9.7mm x 75mm
    • Height: 2.1mtrs
    • Length: 3mtrs
    • Line-wire: horizontal: 4mm
    • Vertical: 3.15mm
    • 4 V bend per sheet
    • Accessories: metal claw, short crew, washer, postcap
    • Post size: 75mm x 75mm
    • Height: 2.8mtr

  • Aperture: 9.7mm x 75mm (BLACK AND GREEN)
    • Height: 2.23mtr
    • Length: 2.7mtr
    • Cross &Line-wire: horizontal: 5mm
    • 3 V bend per sheet
    • Accessories: metal claw, short crew, washer, postcap
    • Post size: 75mm x 75mm
    • Height: 2.8mtr
    • Other specifications available on request.


(50mm x 50mm
12ft x 4ft)
(50mm x 25mm
12ft x 4ft)


APPLICATION: For breeding of egg chickens,meat chickens and young chickens.

Feature: The welded wire mesh chicken wire cage and panel mesh are readily easy to install and can save the spacing and make feeding the chicken easy.

Poultry welded wire mesh panels are now popularly used for breeding of egg and chicken as the bottom of the wired chicken cages. The opening hole sizes are up to the eggs minor axis and the chicken feet sizes. The mesh grid should not be too close, otherwise, it will affect fecal leakage.

The bottom wire chicken cage panel is an important part of the chicken feeding cages, it will not only withstand the weight of the chicken, but also make eggs easily roll into the front tanks under the cages with no damages to the eggs. At the same time, the bottom wire mesh will allow majority of the stool leak into the ground reducing wire mesh cages pollution. The mesh holes shall also ensure easy holding of the chicken wire, stable and comfortable standing and movement of the chicken.

Various sizes of Poultry Mesh panels are available for making custom size single or multi-layer chicken wire cages.

Technical Note:
  • Standard sheet specification:
    • Wire: 2.3mm
    • Length: 12ft/13ft
    • Height: 4ft
    • Aperture: 50mm x 25mm (2x1)


Welded mesh offers high stability, as the longitudinal and cross wires are wielded at the crossing points. Thanks to the variable mesh size and wire diameter, it is possible to use welded wire mesh in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Application: Wielded wire mesh with excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are extensively used for fencing, decoration and as machinery protection material in agriculture, construction, transport, mine, sportsfield, lawn and various industrial fields.

Technical Note:
    Standard sizes
  • 12ft (L) x 4ft (H) x 50mm x 50mm (2 x 2) x 2.3mm
  • 12ft (L) x 4ft (H) x 50mm x 50mm (2 x 2) x 4.0mm
  • Special specification available on request
    • High quality, low carbon hot-dip galvanized wired

What We Do



We manfacture a wide range of wire products based on customers needs and specifications. We are a backward integrated unit and therefore able to provide the most competitive pricing in the market.



We are able to assist with installation of our products including: security fencing, panel mesh, binding wire, reinforcement wire, anti-finger mesh etc...


Custom project

Dasco works closely with the client to find the perfect solution based on their needs. We have a team of designers and installers that can assist with this.